One Touch Can Opener II

Hands Free

Can Opener

All New and Totally Automatic!

  • Twist-free, pull-free, struggle-free!
  • Safe - no sharp edges on lid
  • Enhanced reverse feature
  • New compact size

Best Kitchen Gadgets You Can Buy

Best Kitchen Gadgets One Touch Can Opener that features strong plastic and opens just about any can. Best kitchen gadgets One Touch can opener cuts around the top of cans and holds that dirty lid, keeping it from falling into the open can and your food. Best kitchen gadgets Brings you the One Touch Can Opener.

Best Kitchen Gadgets Kitchen One Touch Can Opener is Revolutionary

Best kitchen gadgets Kitchen One Touch can opener is a revolutionary allows you to clean up the clutter on your countertops and kitchen drawer by replacing all of your old-fashioned openers. Best kitchen gadgets One Touch can opener's strong design makes it stand out in your kitchen drawer making it easy to find, and use. Now you can forget about using any other can opener on the market.

You've Found One Touch Can Opener, One Of The Best Kitchen Gadgets Available Now

Offer Details: Order the new One Touch automatic Can opener for $14.99 plus $7.97 P&H, CT, FL, and MA add sales tax to product price.
United States orders only. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.